Is Your Relationship Real?


Real relationships are built on trust, healthy support, communication, equality and being true to yourself.  When you are in a real relationship, you should be happy and comfortable with the person you are dating.


In a new relationship, it may be hard to trust at the beginning - you hardly know that person!  Trust isn't knowing their every move, it is about knowing that you can rely on them and that they are committed to you and your relationship.  Trust may not be there right away but it should be gained as your relationship grows.


Being  a supportive person means wanting good things for each other, especially happiness.  Listening, encouragement and a genuine interest in what is important to you are positive signs of a supportive, healthy relationship.


Keeping in touch is part of any relationship.  Being able to talk about things that are important, share your feelings and ideas freely and just connect on a regular basis are all parts of real relationships.  Too little communication, or too much, can be warning signs that your relationship is heading in the wrong direction.


Do both of you make decisions in your relationship?  Keeping it real in a relationship means that both people have input, not just one bossing the other around.  You should never feel controlled by the other person.


You shouldn't have to change for someone when you are in a relationship - you should feel accepted by the person you are dating and vice versa.  You  should be able to keep the same friends, wear the same clothes and do what is important to you.  If you try to change yourself for someone, it probably won't work in the long run.